Monthly Favorites - June 2017

A “favorites” post is a staple in the blogger/vlogger community so I figured; why not give it a try! Every month I will gather places, things, food, apps etc. that I have discovered while living in Copenhagen to share. These are my June picks!

Union Kitchen

There are still a few spots left in the sun ☀️

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I have gone to Union Kitchen twice this month, once for a brunch & another for a coffee talk but both times I left more than content. Brunch is my favorite day of the week and it is something that is done well here in Denmark but nowhere near American standards. However, Union Kitchen has made me believe my Danish brunch dreams can come true! With a wide variety of what seems to be a Danish spin on American brunch classics I definitely will be coming back to try the rest out. As for the coffee, delicious & edgy, just how I like it. 

Next Door Café

I didn't take a picture of my coffee nor can I find one on their SoMe sooo here is a picture I took inside the cafe 

I didn't take a picture of my coffee nor can I find one on their SoMe sooo here is a picture I took inside the cafe 

Iced coffee. Pretty simple, even a coffee house standard right? Oh, how very wrong in Danish terms. The amount of times I have gone to get coffee, asked for an iced coffee and received a confused look followed by “we have iced lattes” is discouraging. (I am looking at you especially Danish Starbucks, I am looking at you.) So imagine the pure joy I had when I discovered that Next Door Café serves Iced Coffee! I have been to Next Door Café before for breakfast and always liked it but found my way there agin when hunting down a girl walking past us with an iced coffee in hand. Thank you Next Door Café for giving me pure iced caffeine hopes!


I am not going to lie, this may be on my favorites every month & I am not sorry about it. Think Shake Shack, In and Out or whatever your coastal hot burger place is, welcome to YoBurger. I literally CRAVE YoBurger, even if in the States & it is conveniently/inconveniently close to the Dane’s office so it is a perfect to-go idea. There are countless amazing burger places in Copenhagen but YoBurger will ALWAYS be my number 1.


Banko at Nørrebrohallen

Banko at Nørrebrohallen

The Dane asked me in May if I wanted to go to Banko with him one night & I had no idea what it was. I have never heard of Banko and still don’t really know where it came from but it is kind of a Bingo game. Going to that one game in May was all I needed, I am hooked! It is a great time, not expensive & lots of laughs. We go to Nørrebrohallen and sit in a big rec room full of “Millennials” playing basically Bingo trying to win the golden prize of 4.5 Kilos of Toblerone, no okay I am there to win the chocolate, but you do have the chance to win several other prizes. The game is such a big thing that tickets sell out every month. It is on summer hiatus but I cannot wait to go back in the fall and win that damn Toblerone.


Bellevue Beach 

Bellevue Beach 

To be honest, beach days were not something I felt would be in the cards for my new Danish life, at least not for a few years after my Florida skin gets thicker, but when a gorgeous summer day came I had to cave. Denmark is surrounded by water so a beach is not hard to come by especially in the city. So why Bellevue instead of one of the other ones? Personally, I just like the area around Bellevue. You make a right at the train station & you hit a beach, a left and you are in the forest! I also appreciate that the beach isn’t just sand because personally, sand is the worst part of the beach. We spent our day lying on the MASSIVE grassy area only steps away from the sand. Getting in the water, however, will come many years from now when that thin Florida skin thickens, that I can promise you. 


Ice cream at Bakken

Ice cream at Bakken

You think of Danish theme parks you think Tivoli right? (This is also assuming you spend time thinking of Danish amusement parks) What if I told you Tivoli is only the second oldest amusement park in the world and Bakken is actually it’s big brother? Is it as pretty as Tivoli, nope. Does it have as many great rides & restaurants as Tivoli, nope. Does it have the same hefty price tag to enter as Tivoli, NOPE and that is why I like it! A free amusement park in the middle of a forest that gives you the illusion you are far away from the big city when in retrospect; you are only a few miles out. We spend our time walking around, watching people on the rides, eating terrible for you carnival food & enjoying the feeling of being somewhere else for a day. 

Talking Ninja

Whoever said learning a language is good for you has not had to learn Danish. I said it, it sucks! I not only don’t want to live up to the American stereotype that we refuse to speak a language of a country we are in (this is an actual stereotype & one of the nicer ones, trust me we don’t tend to come off very well to the rest of the world) but in order to stay in this wonderful country, I have to pass a language test. I, like many others trying to learn a language headed over to Duolingo to begin. I get easily frustrated with Duolingo in the sense that you never really feel like you are getting anywhere. You finish a level and 4 more open, there is no end in sight. Then one day in one of the Expat Facebook groups someone posted this thing about Talking Ninja where you could learn Danish in 90 days. SIGN ME UP! Honestly, it has been working. It focuses primarily on speaking the language and it does it in baby steps. You are taught 10-15 words a day that you then go and talk to “Julia” who is like Siri to use those words in sentences. If you don’t pronounce it right, you don’t move to the next sentence. I highly recommend this App if you are looking to learn Danish because it is the only one that has helped me so far.

What are your favorites? Have you tried any of mine? What do you recommend I try this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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