Summer in Denmark

Growing up in South Florida, summer is a period of time we learn to despise. The unbearable heat, humidity, and massive storms make for one of the worst places to be for a few months. Summer in Denmark, however, can be the best place in the world or the worst and those emotions will range just during one week. On any given day of the summer, there can be sunshine and 70 something degree weather followed by the next day of 60, rainy and windy. So how does one plan their time in Copenhagen with such a range of diverse weather?



Layers. Layers. Layers.

Unless the weather clearly states sun & warmth for the day I can guarantee it will go up and down. If you are visiting, I suggest packing mostly jeans/pants & one bare leg option whether it be shorts or a dress.


You can still see the city rain or shine. In fact, some say the city is equally as beautiful with a layer of rain on it. The tour books & travel sites all tell you what to see on a nice day but I recommend still checking them out on a rainy day as well!

Black Out

Not the alcohol kind, although it might help, I am talking about shades or a facemask. We currently have around 18 hours of sunlight each day and nothing says “morning!” like a 4:30 am sun shining in your face like it is noon, trust me we have no blinds.

Embrace it

When it is a gorgeous summer day here in Denmark you have to embrace it! I have seen many a person in a park in their underwear because the weather decided to be nice… Europe, amiright?


Copenhagen on your travel list? Spots you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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