Monthly Favorites - July 2017

A “favorites” post is a staple in the blogger/vlogger community so I figured; why not give it a Danish spin! Every month I will gather places, things, food, apps etc. that I have discovered while living in Copenhagen to share. These are my July picks!

Canal Tours

Photo by BookMundi

Photo by BookMundi

Whether you are a tourist or a local, the canal tours are a great way to spend a gorgeous day. Pop in some headphones on the "Grand Tour" and take an hour to see this amazing city by water. Learn fun royal facts, architectural highlights & get a new view of the most popular spots in Copenhagen!  If you are visiting the city, I recommend the hop on hop off tour, stops all over the city which means less walking around. Growing up coming to Copenhagen that was the ONLY means of transportation we took to get around the city. Nyhavn is the launch spot for most tours but my personal favorite is Stromma, found at the base of Nyhavn.


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Papirøen, Paper Island, is the little piece of paradise on the other side of the water from Nyhavn. After the beyond anticipated bridge opened last year, easy access to this side of the city has made the area even more popular than before. Papirøen used to be the paper storage area for the Danish Press hence the clever island name. Paper Island is now home to the Opera House, Copenhagen Contemporary, a few businesses and the pride and joy of the island, Copenhagen Street Food. A storage hall filled with food stalls & good times! Take your food or drinks outside & enjoy your time at the waterfront. Hurry up though, it all closes at the end of 2017 before it becomes new construction housing :(

Perspective Playground

Olympus' traveling interactive art exhibit stopped in Copenhagen for a few weeks providing an amazing experience. First off, it was free & NOTHING in Copenhagen is cheap, let alone free so this was a highlight. We walked in with no expectations which helped blow us away. You get to use an Olympus camera through the entire Perspective Playground & then you keep the SD card at the end...FOR FREE! Our favorites were the light portrait, sit in a black room where the photographer uses lights to create an insane photo, and the room where you are either small or tall. If it is in your town, GO! 

American Pie Company

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Opened by an American expat & a Dane who loves the States, American pie company is a little slice, pun intended, of home for the rest of us. The entire shop has a homey feel & the pie is amazing. Growing up in South Florida, Key Lime Pie is on EVERY menu so I have had my fair share & American Pie Co's is legit. Every season has new pie flavors so there is always a reason to head over and try something new. Sweets not your thing? They have savory pies too! I have loved it since 2016 but spending my 4th of July there made me feel a little less foreign and a little more American.


One of the downsides of Family Reunification is the lack of access to basic modern needs like a bank account or a cell phone plan. These are attached to a CPR number, like a social security card that is literally life here, & you can not have a CPR number unless you are legal which I am not really. With no CPR how did I have a phone you might be thinking? Lycamobile, which I do not recommend, was supposed to give me an outlet to communicate but we had a few issues in July which led me to do a little research. The Dane, my husband, is on Telmore for his cellphone & they allow two numbers under one CPR number...hello world, it's me with decent service & full data! 

The Immigration Office

After 5 months of waiting, still not sure which decision deadline we fall under 5-10 months or a year, we have heard from Immigration! No decision but we have a case number (!!!!!!!) & found our we are in the year decision deadline. This doesn't mean we won't hear until February but we won't hear later than February. A case number also means we have a way to contact immigration & that the light is a little brighter at the end of this tunnel. 

What are your favorites? Have you tried any of mine? What do you recommend I try this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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