A Monday on Møn

July is the month where basically all of Denmark decides to take a vacation so we decided to jump on the trend & take a “staycation” & head to Møn! We chose a Danish holiday because 1. we are poor newlyweds& 2. I need permission to leave the country due to being legally illegal so staying in Denmark was our best option for a getaway.

Where is Møn & how do you get there?

We took our first day of vacation on the road an hour & a half to southern Zealand (Denmark is a country made up of a few islands, Zealand is the “island” Copenhagen is on), more specifically Møn! Public transportation to that part of the country isn’t the best so I got to head behind the wheel again, the first time since April.

This alone was more than enough excitement for me. We rented a car from Alamo at the airport (note: there is no actual Alamo in Copenhagen, they partner with Enterprise so you get an Enterprise car at an Alamo rate…you are welcome in advance!) and got an amazing Volvo SUV crossover for 788 DKK (around $120) for the day.

So you are heading to Møn & want to know what to see?

Møns Klint

The biggest attraction of Møn is Møns Klint. These white chalk cliffs are 120 m (394 ft) above the Baltic Sea. After taking the 500 steep steps down to the water, you can enjoy 6 km of fossil cliffs. In fact, some of the remains are from over 70 million years ago.

Not only are the cliffs Møn’s most popular attractions, they are the largest natural attraction in Denmark & for good reason. These massive fossils are truly a sight to be seen! You can walk along the water and hunt for amber, fossils or even get as lucky as us to find a geode. As a secret geology geek, this was an amazing experience. I highly recommend the voyage despite the quite unpleased hike up & down.


A summer home created by a French man for his wife Lise in the 1790’s, this gorgeous estate is worth a trip. There are fantastic grounds & three different homes other than the main manor house.

Not only is this home beautiful, it has an amazing story that I truly appreciate. The man who lived at the estate in the 1940’s used the property to help Danish Jews escape into Sweden from the Nazi’s.


An adorable 5 square km beach town, Nyord is as idyllic as it sounds. Reached by a one-way bridge, the 5 square km area only has 1.2 square kilometers that is not a marsh. You reach the “city” and leave your car behind. Wander the small town by foot to see the seaside church, museum & harbor. Even if you don’t have the time to walk around Nyord make sure you just drive over to the island to see its natural beauty.

Have you been to Møn? What is your favorite Danish place to visit? Anywhere we should go next? Let me know in the comments below!


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