Halloween Hauntings at Tivoli

Halloween in Denmark is usually all just a bunch of hocus pocus (see what I did there). Only in the past few years has it become something that is celebrated & really only children do. You might be thinking, “Kids JUST started celebrating Halloween?! They never wore costumes?!” Well, there is another Danish holiday in February that has costumes & involves a cat in a barrel, but that is for another day. Since Halloween is really just a children’s holiday here & fairly new, it makes sense that Tivoli is the only one really celebrating. Let’s take a further look at all the Halloween hauntings at Tivoli.


Witching Hours

Tivoli reopens for three weeks to celebrate this Fall holiday, the two weeks before Halloween & the week after. This also tends to coincide with the Fall Holiday we have here also known as the "potato holiday." This year, October 28th is "Monsters Night Out" where you can get a little of your spooky scares in when zombies & monsters descend on the park. Looking for some Hallow's Eve entertainment? Trick or treat through the gardens!


Monster Sites

Besides the usual Tivoli beauty & fun, there is a lot seasonal charm found through out the gardens. You can see Denmark's biggest pumpkins around the Nimb palace, these really are MASSIVE pumpkins. According to Tivoli's website, you can find more than 20,000 pumpkins & 2,500 bales of hay through out the park adding some autumn feels. A holiday market is set up with stalls offering local food & crafts to get you in the spooky spirit. The rides are all still functioning but my FAVORITE part of the entire Halloween celebration is that they turned the "Star Flyer" into a witching good time. Hop on a broom stick & take a spin at the top of the park.

Local Haunts

Halloween all about the tricks instead of the treats for you? Tivoli has a haunted house every night called "The Haunted Orphanage." I personally hate haunted houses so I can not give you my opinion on it but Tivoli says the house is, 

Villa Bernadotte was an asylum for orphaned children and youngsters back in about 1900-1930. Countess Tezlowski and Professor August Adrianson ran the home together for more than 30 years. However, when Villa Bernadotte closed down, the truth emerged about a wide range of secret experiments at the home. The two administrators were never caught and are rumoured to have sought refuge in Tivoli’s old Roller Coaster, which conceals a myriad of secret passageways and cellars.

Check it out if you are braver than me!


Hurry & get into the Halloween spirit at Tivoli before it is too late!

Have you been to Tivoli during Halloween? What is your favorite Danish place to visit? Anywhere we should go next? Let me know in the comments below!

Halloween Hauntings at Tivoli Gardens

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