8 Feelings About Heading Home for the First Time

Over the past two years (wow that happened fast) I have gone back and forth to Denmark countless times but for some reason, this time heading home feels different. I have been here 7 months by the time I step on that plane in a few weeks & it definitely makes the trip feel a bit different than usual. Here are the 8 feelings I have about heading home for the first time since I moved abroad!

Excited to See Family

This is obvious, isn’t it?! I have NEVER gone this long without seeing any of my family. I went to college 3 hours away and went home probably every 6 weeks, 8 weeks max. FaceTime obviously helps but 7 months is a long time from actually seeing people face to face.

Best Friend Bonding

Not only am I getting quality family time in but I get to spend a weekend with my best friends, some who I haven’t seen in two years. I am heading back to the States a week before the Dane for my bachelorette party & honestly, I do not care what we do for it because I am just excited to have all my favorite people in one place with me for a few days.

Feeling Like Myself Again


I wish I could say, “because at home I can be the real me” but I mean this on a superficial level. Within the first 48 hours of that plane touching down, I have wax appointments & a nail appointment ready. This sounds like something insane to say but beauty treatments in Denmark are expensive so my monthly pamper secessions in America have been lacking for the past 7 months. The smooth skin & pretty nails are not the only things that will make me feel like “me”, humidity & sun will make my skin moisturized & bronzed which makes me feel normal again. Superficial I know but it makes me happy & isn’t that what really matters?!


Whale me outta here, I'm stuffed

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I am hungry already thinking of all my American food I am planning on eating in the two & a half weeks or buying to bring back. Chikfila, burritos, buffalo chicken tenders, Jew food, my favorite seafood restaurant & so much more are on my radar. As long as the short visit doesn't put the 10 pounds I have lost since being here fulltime back on, we shouldn't have a problem right?

Slightly anxious

We can come off as a lot on first impression...

We can come off as a lot on first impression...

As I mentioned earlier, the Dane is joining me for the ultimate American holiday, Thanksgiving. It is exciting because he hasn’t met my whole family as of yet & what better way than the ultimate family dinner! This isn’t what makes me anxious though. The Dane isn’t coming alone, my mother in law is coming too. I really do get along with her but she doesn’t speak English & my family does not speak Danish. It will make an interesting 10 days of translating and me trying to make sure no one is overwhelmed or left out. We do have some outings & trips planned for just the three of us that should make it a little easier than 24/7 American family fun. 



I already feel accomplished even before our bags are packed because this is the last trip we make before our big wedding weekend! Yes, we are married but since we eloped we are having an American wedding in March. Invitations, tastings & fittings are all on the vacation calendar, which makes me feel like we are one HUGE step closer to being ready for the big day.


I have a 9 year old Great Dane back in the States. He is the cutest & it’s not bias, it is fact. This, as I said earlier, is the longest I have ever gone from being away from home & I am scared he will forget who I am. I hope he is as excited to see me as I am to see him because he doesn’t care at all about me on Facetime.



I am feeling really settled into my new Danish life lately. I am still not really doing anything because of my lack of visa papers but I feel like I am comfortable & have made friends. I am nervous that this trip home, my first since moving abroad, will make that all change. What if I get back to Denmark & have to start all over getting comfortable here again? What if I get to America & everything is different in my relationships there? There is so much that is unknown about how I will feel both there & coming back here that my anxiety is feeding off of. Guess the results will be for another blog!

Have you been away from home for a long time? How did you feel your first time back?

Let me know in the comments below!

How I Feel About Going Home For The First Time After Living Abroad by GirlMeetsDane

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