Monthly Favorites - September 2017

A “favorites” post is a staple in the blogger/vlogger community so I figured; why not give it a Danish spin! Every month I will gather places, things, food, apps etc. that I have discovered while living in Copenhagen to share. These are my September picks!

Olivers Garage


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Located in the Arne-Jacobsen designed gas station, Oliver’s Garage is an “isbar” (ice cream shop.) Head a little north of the city to Charlottelund & you will find this mid-century modern marvel along the water. The architecture is fantastic but the ice cream is what you really come for. Did you know it is organic?


Current tap list!

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A collaboration between Danish brewery & restaurant juggernaut, “Mikkller”, & the American brewery “3 Floyds”, Warpigs is a Texas barbeque joint. I take BBQ as a serious matter, I love it & it makes me happy so I had low expectations finding some smoked goodness in Denmark, they proved me wrong. The brisket was fantastic, the mac and cheese was pretty authentic & the sauces made me feel at home. I have to give it to these Danes, they did it right.


Småkager selection 😊❤

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I have seen Leckerbaer’s mini treats all over Instagram this summer & I finally gave into the temptation this past month and probably the next few as well. This bakery is filed with all sorts of goodies but the Småkager is what will keep you coming back time and time again. Småkager are cookies but these were almost like mini cakes, the size of a macaroon varying in texture & flavor. I ordered the BLÅBÆR & LIME (Blueberry & lime with coconut), MÆLK (dark chocolate & vanilla which was similar to an oreo), PASSIONSFRUGT (passionfruit) & CHOKOLADE (chocolate with hazelnut & vanilla). My favorite was the BLÅBÆR & LIME hands down but I feel like it might just be a summer flavor. I highly recommend this entire shop.


In the 10 plus years of traveling to Denmark and the over 6 months I have been full-time living here, I have finally made it to the Scandi mecca…IKEA! It was every bit as magical as I could have imagined with the same anxiety and chaos that goes with visiting it in the States. It looks the same inside honestly but it feels more organic here since everything is Scandinavian design, everywhere.  We went for a dresser (husband is finally coming around to the whole “I am not leaving and he is stuck with me forever” thing so I have a real place to keep some of my things now) & of course left with a massive bag filled with things as well as a bedside table. 


The perfect start for the weekend 😍🍔

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Another place that has been on the list of “Can we go pleeeeaseeeee?!” was Jagger. They call them self “fast food” but they are more than that, they have high quality food that just happens to be created quickly. We went for a late lunch/early dinner to their Vesterbro location (there is one in Amager & Frederiksberg as well), which of course has great vibes & a cool design. I had the “Fried Chicken Burger” which was a MASSIVE piece of fried chicken on a brioche ish bun & an Oreo milkshake. They were both good but the real star was an unexpected sauce, the Honey Hot Sauce. I seriously considered stealing a bottle to bring home because that combo of sauce & fried chicken satisfied one of my most intense Florida cravings, Shooter’s Chicken & Waffles (they have a maple hot sauce for the chicken which makes it amazing.) I will go back to Jagger for that chicken and sauce as often as I can without feeling disgusting from all the fried food (look at me being all un-American with my need to refrain myself from fried foods!)

Tiger of Sweden Jacket

The Dane’s job has several perks like you know providing us with a way to pay for where we sleep & eat but my personal favorite is the deals we get. Side note: he works for a company that “manages” a few big clothing companies in Scandinavia. Twice a year he gets to go to a “quality sale” where items that cannot be sold due to damage or production issues are sold at an incredibly low price to employees only. The amount of clothing he comes home with is insane & the amount we end up paying for several, several, several items is what we would normally pay full cost for one. This round I got a few pair of jeans, a super cute light pink coat & the PERFECT fall jacket. The satin, bomber jacket looks cool and is padded enough to be warm & cozy but not look too bulky. I have worn this thing almost all month & will probably wear it until November when I have to accept that we are entering winter.

What are your favorites? Have you tried any of mine? What do you recommend I try this month? Let me know in the comments below!

September Favorites around Copenhagen

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