Why My Danish Husband is Basically From a Different Generation

Sometimes being married to my Danish husband who was born in 1989 is like being married to someone from 1979. Not because we would rather sit at home watching a movie than go out (which is true) but because we didn’t grow up in the same “era.” You might be thinking, “you are a year apart, what are you talking about?!” He did not grow up in a world of Disney Channel Original Movies, Snick, AIM or Kids Cuisine. Just like I did not grow up in a world filled with his fondest childhood memories. We might be the same age but sometimes being married to someone from a different country is like being married to someone from a different generation.

Our wedding day :)

Our wedding day :)

I decided to ask my husband if he has ever heard of, seen any or tried any of my beloved childhood memories. This is what he had to say:



"We had cheese & cracker ones but not dessert ones."


"Nope & it looks gross."

Flinstones Vitamins

"No we didn't & I wouldn’t have a say in vitamins, my parents did. We took pill vitamins not gummy or chewable."

Purple Ketchup

"No, and that looks disgusting." (that is something we can agree on)

Kids Cuisine 

"No, and that is also disgusting." (those chicken nuggets and mac & cheese though right!)

Timon and Pumba Bug

"That looks familiar but can't remember if we had them." (we looked it up and someone in a forum asked the same thing so we think they had them but can't find record of it)


Heads Up 7 Up

"Nope, played a gamed duck duck goose."


"We had a paper game like it"  (after explanation he means a Cootie catcher)

AIM Smarter Child

"No AIM. People had MSN but I didn’t use it."

Oregon Trail

"Nope, sounds like a Tamagotchi." (Apparently, I am not good at explaining the Oregon Trail. Good thing I didn't get into Mavis Beacon!)

Easy Bake Oven

"Have seen it but my sisters didn’t have one."

Lite Brite


TV Shows

Roccos Modern Life

"No, but reminds me of Courage the Cowardly Dog." 


"Yes & I watched it."


"Of course, I watched it."

Rocket Power

"No, but they look like a family that travels."

Wild Thornberries

"Them! That’s who I thought the other ones were. I have seen it."

Ahh Real Monsters

"I have heard of it but never watched it."


We have discussed this in the past, he has never seen a Disney Channel Orginal Movie so I thought I would see if he would be interested in watching some of my favorites. Really I just wanted him to have a DCOM marathon with me!

Luck of the Irish

"Nope wouldn’t watch but I like him in Malcolm in the Middle." (The guy from Luck of the Irish & basically all the DCOM's was not in Malcolm in the Middle but the Dane believes he is so.)

Smart House

"Nope, not going to happen."


"Nope, get it away."

Cadet Kelly

"No, I don’t like Hilary Duff."


"Probably not but it is the best so far."

Halloween Town

"Nope, nope, nope."

Are you in an intercultural relationship? What differences do you have? Let me know in the comments below!

Why My Danish Husband Acts Like He Is Older Than He Is by GirlMeetsDane

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