I have officially hit the halfway point and I have all sorts of feelings about it. Since it has been a quiet week I figured I would answer any questions that I think people may have/ have been asked recently. (If you have a question I didn't answer please let me know!)

Are you coming back?

Yes. I would be lying if I said I am really excited to be heading back home in a few weeks. I love this country, my family here and the experience I am getting but this isn't real life for me. I will be heartbroken and leaving a part of myself here but I have to get back in the swing of life.

Are you still happy you did this?

1000 times yes! I have not had one moment in the past 6 weeks that I have ever doubted doing this. I love seeing these kids every day and being a part of their lives. I love being able to analyze my next life move without pressure. I love having "me" time and exploring. Only regret I have is only doing it for 3 months.

Do you miss home at all?

Sorry Mom but I actually do not miss home as much as I thought I would. I feel like the time difference definitely has to do with it because I am not on the same schedule with anyone so I can't sit here all day texting and talking to home. This has forced an independence on me that has been one of the things I will take away from this opportunity.

Have you learned the language?

Hahaha, no. I know a lot more words now than I did when I got here but that's it, words. This works fine for my communication with the kids though, I know the words that they use most often and with lots of gesturing and incomplete sentences we have gotten along quite well. In fact, I had them twice by myself for extended periods of time and we had no issues. I also understand a lot more Danish than I used to. I can follow conversations better and thanks to take out menus I can figure out what I am ordering when I go out.

Are you freezing?

Actually no! Trust me, it is getting colder but as of now I am doing pretty well. I do however have a wool winter coat on its way ☺️

When do you come back?

My flight gets in late at night on November 21st after almost 11 hours of plane time....

What are you doing when you come back?

Ummmm.... I have no idea. I have started looking through full time jobs (not applying for any until November) and fully updated my resume. I will be unpacking all of my things into my new place that my family has all been working nonstop on finishing and decorating where needed. If all goes according to plan I will also be heading to Isreal at the end of Decemeber for my birthright 😁

I think I answered the majority of them and if any others are asked I'll add them in!

Until next time...