Falling For Copenhagen


See what I did there, Falling in Fall! I have been trying to spend as much time exploring outside this past week because this "terrible fall weather" I have been hearing all about has not happened so I am taking full advantage of it :) I swear it is not as creepy as it sounds but last Friday I spent the day at Vestre Cemetery and it.is.beautiful! Yes, the place is filled with dead people BUT it is also beautifully landscaped and filled with so much history. It is probably one of the prettiest parks I have ever been in. I spent hours wandering through pathways and discovering hidden gems throughout.  Before I knew it, it was 4 o'clock and realized the Carlsberg brewery was just a few blocks away so I was off to grab a drink! I love the brewery and the beer is not half bad either...  I honestly can not explain how amazing the weather has been lately. Sunny and in the 50's makes you just want to spend every meal, drink and second outside which I did Saturday morning for Brunch.

Now anyone who knows me knows that brunch is my favorite day of the week but a Danish brunch is not what I am accustomed to..or at least where I had brunch.

There were two options at the cafe, vegetarian or regular, and I opted for the regular. This choice had a little bit of everything and was so yummy! This is different than the usual 12-15 item brunch menu I am used to seeing at our local bottomless spots but I have to say, not having the agonizing debate of what to get and regretting it was nice. On Monday we went to the Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein stock sale on Copenhagen's Paper Island and I may or may not have stocked up on a certain brother's holiday gifts. Conveniently next door was the Copenhagen Street Food market. The space was an abandoned warehouse that is now filled with food trucks serving a variety of delicious meal choices. Each one of us got something different from a different stand and I definitely will be going back before I go home.  Later in the week I went to Christiania (the surprisingly one touristy thing I have never done here) and wandered around the area. For those who aren't aware of the area, Christiania is a neighborhood in the city center of Copenhagen that isn't owned by the government so it is a "free town" with no rules. This former military base is now a commune for those who want to live a carefree life surrounded by some carefree activities if you know what I mean ;)

No cameras are allowed through he main street or "pusher street" because of the legalized selling and smoking of weed. No hard drugs or photos are allowed and that is one of the few rules that you MUST follow in this area. The whole legalization thing is what draws most tourists in but I spent the few hours I had there wandering through the residential area and drinking one of their homemade beers. I have to say, the whole place is amazing and I can not wait to spend more time around the neighborhood one day. The one month mark has officially come and I honestly can not believe I have been here for a month. I feel like I have been here for so long in a good way. I feel settled and at peace and do not regret for a second coming here at all. In fact, I have been feeling like I should have done a year here... But I will enjoy my next two months and pretend that getting on that plane is not happening.

Until next time...