Cultural Conversation


Sorry that this post is a little late, I was off exploring this weekend! So Week 3...

We started the weekend celebrating Miss Imelda's 2nd birthday! So happy that I got the chance to be here to celebrate. This was not my first Danish birthday rodeo but that still doesn't mean I do not notice the difference between birthday celebrations. Example: In America, a little girl's second birthday party would be themed something like Minnie Mouse. This pink bowed icon would be EVERYWHERE from eating cake off a plate with her face on it to being stared down by the talking mouse on a balloon. In Denmark however the Danish flag is the prevalent form of decoration. The birthday cake is kind of a sponge cake with a whipped cream/fruit mixture filling (I helped with the cake and whipped the cream myself! Guys, I MADE whipped cream!) and we ate these rolls that were DELICIOUS but like a dinner roll. I have no idea why we had rolls right before cake but I mean, I love carbs so no complaints from me!

 The next day we had some sissy time at the mall and started off with lunch at Joe & the Juice. I have known about this juicery/cafe for years but had never actually had anything there. It was in a store equivalent to Macy's and set up like where that bistro is in the Nordstrom's in Boca Town Center is. We both got a juice and these mozzarella & avacado sandwiches that were so good! The juice I got was called "Sex Me Up" which had apple, passion fruit and ginger. I like ginger but HOLY GINGER! This was so spicy I could barely get it down. As I sat in the cafe enjoying my juice and sandwich I also had a fabulous view of the store across the hall, the sex store. What is it with Europe and their extreme laid back view on sex. I am still baffled by the fact that kids just walk on by the vibrator display in the window. Maybe if America was this casual about sex we wouldn't have so many negative connotations against it in our country.

While at the mall I was on a desperate search for a converter because for some reason the entire world can not have one outlet. $25 later I now own a new European Mac charger...

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly and on Friday I decided to head into the city center on my own! I took the bus, like a bus bus, for an hour (so many stops!) and I arrived to Nøberro station where the fun began. I wandered around Superkilen, a park that has been transformed into an art/architecture spot. There are two sections I spent time in, the red square and the black and white striped section.

 From there I wandered the artisticly graffitied neighborhood of Noberro and spent some time at a little cafe. I loved exploring this neighborhood that I have  never spent time in before and I can not wait to exlpore a new area this week!

I have unfortunatley come down with the little ones cold and hopefully reached the end of it.

Until next week...