From Scarves to Tank Tops


This is how you know I am slowly becoming Danish...I talk about the weather! I wish this was a joke but I guarantee a majority of conversations I have here are about the weather. This is because it is constantly changing, like literally minute to minute changing but it's good, I understand it. Anyway....

This past weekend we went up to Blokhus and it was FREEZING! Scarves, boots and sweaters could barely keep us warm. The rainy, windy day was not a very warm welcome to the Northern part of the country that I have grown to love.

Once inside there was warmth coming from all the family's excitement to see me again (so corny I know but hey it worked in this!). It's crazy to think I met a majority of those people almost 10 years ago in the same place. It's amazing to see how much we have all grown not only physically but in our personal lives as well.

There was family I did not know and had a great time getting to know them while spending time with the ones who are a second family to me. Mette's youngest niece now 14(?) even called me her "Americian cousin" because honestly, it is kind of true! One of the best parts of the trip was spending time with the one person there who has known me the longest and you may be surprised to know that it is not actually Mette.

Malene was an Au Pair in South Florida in 1992-1993 and became friends with my then Au Pair, she also happens to be Mette's cousin. I have known Malene since I was two and as we talked about her time in America I was starting to remember events that she was apart of in my house. Thanks to this amazing woman we have Mette and the rest of the family in our lives.

It was a quick trip (being there, not the drive. That drive was BRUTAL) and on a now sunny Sunday we headed back south home. Before we knew it, Monday had come and we were back on our routines.

My routine however had an extra something to it this week. On top of my little projects around the house and 5K along the water, I started to begin the process of my next adventure...Israel!

Yup, after 25 years I have finally submitted the forms to take my birthright to the homeland! The best friend and I, if all goes well, will be kicking it like Mary and Joesph this Christmas chilling in Jerusalem! I never realized how many steps there were in this process but I am SO excited and hopeful that I will go. Fingers crossed for my interview Wednesday ☺️

Right, back to the weather. I meantioned the freezing weather of Blokhus but it was honestly gorgeous this week. I even wore just a tank top on my walk this week 😎 speaking of walk, check out the pics of my daytime stroll and our sunset journey.

Until next week...