And Week One is Done


It's hard to believe I have only been here for a week! I feel so settled already and adjusted to the time change. For those wondering where the hell Denmark even is check out the map below to get an idea ☺️  The flight here was AMAZING! I have nothing but fabulous things to say about Norwegian Air now! First off it was a direct flight from FORT LAUDERDALE to Copenhagen...WTF! Then the plane was a new state of the art 787 Dreamliner, I barely felt a didn't even realize we had taken off! Then I slept pretty much 8 out of the 9 hours on the flight ☺️. They have these cool windows that are tinted so when we were flying in the daylight (but our bodies thought it was the middle of the night) the windows stayed a dark blue. The closer we got in the last hour, the lighter the windows got and then they were just regular windows. It was amazing!

From the airport it was off to Dragør, all 7 minutes of a car ride away from the airport ☺️ Dragør is an old fishing village about 15 kilometers away from the city center of Copenhagen that I will be calling home until the end of November. (It's where the red arrow is 😉)

The past weekend was spent doing some errands, going for a long walk along the water and grilling in the backyard since the weather was perfect to do all of it 😎 Below are pictures of our walk, we even saw sheep!

Monday is when reality set in...I really went to a new country to be an Au Pair! Once everyone goes to work and school is when the fun begins. Things that seem like meaningless tasks become a bit of a challenge due to the language barrier. Doing laundry on day one involved tons of text messages back and forth to figure out what setting meant what. You tell me which you think should be used when without Google translate!

I am still working out the laundry kinks but hey, it's only my first week!

I decided to take a walk to "downtown" Dragør and aimlessly wander around. This town is adorable and on the water. The streets are a maze of winding cobblestone streets that lead to homes surrounded by courtyards. It was nice walking down there since it is a different path than the usual 5K trail we have taken.

The weather is starting to turn into what they call Fall and this South Florida girl calls Winter. It is currently 56 degrees outside but it's a wet cold since it rains on and off all day. Needless to say, I have given serious consideration to breaking out my North Face real soon.

Communicating with the kids has definetly had some challenges. I have learned words that are said often and we do a lot of hand gesture communication 👍 but the confused looks of my alien language have gotten less which I say is progress!

This weekend we are heading to Blokhus to spend time with Mette's family. It is nice to be going early in my stay since I have been conditioned to usually head to this beach town straight from the airport. It will be weird to do this 5 hour drive not falling in and out of consciousness but I'm so excited to head up there 😎 keep your fingers crossed for amazing weather! (If you are wondering where I'll be this weekend...)  I am so fortunate to have this family here that loves me unconditionally and has made the insane decision to keep me here for three months. Because of them and this whole expierence, my biggest concern this past week was whether or not I could finish my last bites of my daily yogurt and granola meal (and for all those who are on the edge of their seats for the answer, I couldn't finish it 😔). It is beyond refreshing to think that that this was my only serious debate this week, I so needed this!

Until next week...