"Living Danishly"


Turns out I am not the only one choosing to turn their time living in the world's happiest county into a documented social experiment. I have recieved and read a book by Helen Russell called, "The Year of Living Danishly."This fashion industry journalist from London moves to Jutland (vast part of Denmark that is mostly known as a country side aka not near Copenhagen) with her husband who gets a job at Legoland. Helen and Lego Man as she has decided to name him take the plunge into Viking life just as I plan to. She is only a few years older than me when she moves there but the concerns and nerves seem to be the same. While reading about her expierence I have found a few things that I think show off why this decision is the best for me and why I love this county so much. Reasons Why The Danish Are Better At Life

- They work on average 34 hours a week! I was lucky to get out of the office on Friday with only 45 hours under my belt, I was looking at a 47-50 hour week weekly.

- We call them "Danishes" but they are just a bunch of pastries there that have seperate names and are insanely DELICIOUS. The Danes also drink on average 11 Liters of alcohol each per year. With all these things that we consider "bad" for you here in America consumed on a near daily basis you would think they have the same obesity issues we do right? WRONG I have yet to see an extremely overweight person in Denmark, I have yet to find the secret but I promise I will and bring it back to share.

- No credit cards = no debt! They do not worry about overspending and owing the banks money because they can only spend what they have. AKA only use a debit card and you will be a lot happier!

- They essentially shut down in July to go on their vacations in which they use their 6 weeks of vacation time for BTW.

- The home of Lego, LEGO!

I won't bore you all with the rest of the amazing things I will be surrounded by but with less than a month till take off I am beaming with excitement.

The only thing over than the nine and a half hour plane ride that is scaring me is the fact that Danish is the 9th hardest language in the world to learn and with my new found career as an HGTV wannabe host my language lessons are now in the negatives...

Days Till Take Off: 29

Language Lessons: -1

New Warm Clothes Bought: 6