Packing Panic


Less than two weeks till take off and I still have to finish renovating a house, move out of my apartment, move into the house and pack to leave the country for three months... I AM FREAKING OUT!

My fabulous lifetime friend anxiety has been creeping on into town and is preparing for a long stay. I honestly have no idea how I can get all these things done successfully in the next week.

I am realizing the very real possibility that I will be packing to leave the country in my apartment at the same time I am packing to put my things into storage because the house will not be done. As anyone who knows me realizes, I am a TERRIBLE packer because I don't know what I want to wear on any given day. Besides the obvious winter wear that I am not using during our 97 degree days, I will have to try to figure out what out of my daily wardrobe needs to be packed and what can stay out and be worn. This doesn't sound like a big deal but trust me, it is.

Things About My Trip That Keep Me Up At Night:

  • How cold will Fall be in Denmark? I have never lived a winter below 40 degrees.
  • What if I pack only cold weather clothes and there is a freak heat wave and I have no warm weather clothes?
  • What if the clothes I have aren't warm enough and then I have to by a lot of clothes that I'll never wear again because I live in Florida?
  • Speaking of needing to buy am I going to pay for things?
  • I can not get the language to stick. How will I talk to the 4 and 2 year old children that I will be helping out with everyday?
  • Do I need a backpacking backpack for when I go on short trips to other places? Like where do I even stay?

On top of the stress of 3(?) moves in less than two weeks, I am realizing the very real fact that I will no longer have an income. That's right, my bank account is about to get real scary.

On top of all that I just said goodbye to the two most important guys in my life this weekend. I usually don't see my brother and uncle again from now until Thanksgiving anyway but knowing we will have limited contact makes it a bit harder to say the goodbye. Thank you both for being the most important guys in my life and helping me work through this whole process.

Days Until Take Off: 12

Language Lessons Taken: HA!

Goodbye's Said: 17

Level of Preparedness for This Adventure: 6