The First Goodbye's


I am THE WORST at saying goodbye to people, I just can't. This week my last day in the office was accelerated a few weeks earlier leaving me not quite emotionally stable enough to say goodbye. You may be thinking, "you are the one who is choosing to leave your job, why are you upset?" And yes, I am the one leaving but it doesn't mean I do not care about leaving.

I have spent almost 2 years seeing these people EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and that causes you to feel a certain way about leaving them. I know there are a few of my coworkers who will be my forever friends and that gives me comfort but it also made my abrupt "see you later" even harder.

On the plus side, I still have a little over a month left to make plans to see them all even if it isn't an every day thing.

I will thankfully still be involved in my work for the month just from home which has its benefits. I can start packing, organizing and learning the language.

Until next time... Goodbye's Said: 15

Day's Till Take Off: 43

Language Lessons: 1