Danish Design

There is one thing the Danish are known for other than Lego's & the Little Mermaid; design. Scandinavian design is not a new discovery by any means but its minimalism is definitely getting the attention on the other side of the pond. You find Scandinavian design elements in most homes in the States whether they know that is what influenced the piece or not.

So with such an interior revolution, why wouldn't an entire museum be dedicated to the topic? 


A few weeks ago we headed over to check it out ourselves. Admission is 100 DKK ($15 USD) for Adults, Free for students or anyone 26 & under; relatively cheap for Danish standards. There are several permeant exhibits that highlight Danish Design.

"Learning from Japan"

Currently this is only temporary exhibition & it will be around until the end of June. The exhibit has been there for almost 2 years & symbolizes the relationship between Denmark & Japan. Something I found interesting was that the Danes use Japanese design as a major source of inspiration. I have grown up with my grandparents love of Japanese design so it was a quick walk through for me but below are some of the highlights. 

"Danish Design Now"

The first exhibit you come across upon entering the museum is "Danish Design Now." This permanent exhibit is filled with designs from the 21st century with styles varying from furniture to graphic design & even fashion! With 300 pieces in the collection, new things come in and out on a regular basis to keep the exhibit contemporary.

"20th Century Crafts & Design"

This is where you can find some of the classic Danish Designs in furniture. Not only can you find the classics but you get a better idea of what Danish Design is about. You get to learn about the functionality & beauty combination that they do so well. 

"The Danish Chair An International Affair"

This was by far one of my favorite parts of the museum. After entering through a wall of white flaps, you find yourself in a tunnel of chairs. There are about 100 chairs surrounding you with designs from the 1920's until the 1970's.

"Fashion & Fabric"

If you though the Danes took their interior design seriously then they take fashion to a whole new level! With 500 pieces of fashion spanning over 400 years, there is something that everyone can find to love. 

My personal favorite part of the museum was an area of "sculptures" that were interactive. We played with all different ones & enjoyed the design of them as well.

Copenhagen on your travel list? Spots you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Looking to make a trip to the Design Museum of Denmark? Get a sneak peak of the Copenhagen classic!

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