Tivoli Julemarked

The Tivoli Gardens are magical at any time of year so I had high expectations heading into their Julemarked (Christmas Market) for the first time. They did not let me down! I didn’t think Tivoli could turn up their charm & hygge more than their normal day-to-day look but they make Jul (Christmas) perfection.


Tivoli closes after their Halloween celebration to quickly turn the park into a winter wonderland. Starting on the 18th of November until the 31st of December, you can enjoy their creation of holiday fun. Holiday details are peppered amongst the usual rides & gardens.

Ride Transformations

Like the rest of the gardens, some of the rides got into the holiday spirit. My two favorites that were getting into the Jul fun were the Star Flyer & the Vintage Cars. They both added small festive details to their rides that just made the whole place a little more magical. The Star Flyer, a swing ride that takes you high above Copenhagen, became a giant snowflake 80 meters (over 260 feet) in the sky.


The vintage cars are for the children, giving them a chance to get behind the wheel on a controlled track and while it is always adorable to look on & see, the Christmas charm made it even sweeter.

Christmas Stalls

Stalls are a staple in any Julemarked. This little houses are home to treats, gifts & Christmas fun. In any formerly open area of the park, you could find one or more of these adorable stalls. I noticed that different areas had stalls that took on different themes. Near what Tivoli is calling “Trainsburry” a whole train themed area, they took on the roll of train cars. The area surrounding the “Honey House”, a place where you can make something like what we know in America to be Gingerbread houses, had stalls that matched that motive. The amount of detail that goes into these stalls & their décor is amazing.

Tivoli’s Jul Treats

Tivoli has countless restaurants throughout the park & honestly, some are fantastic but again, Jul is when then shine. Flæskesteg is a roast pork that has the crackling on it served often at Christmas. I am a HUGE fan of this fabulous food that is often served with cabbage & a brown sauce but sitting down for a meal of pork isn’t what most have in mind for a theme park. Tivoli, like many places across Denmark, served it as a sandwich. All the goodies of the meal in a travel size is honestly one of my favorite things. Take out the brown sauce & add a mustardy spread, heaven.

Æbleskiver is a pancake donut hole that is my second favorite Dansk Jul treat & one of the yummy things you can get around the park. Traditonally served with powdered sugar & a marmalade, Tivoli offers it with many other toppings.

Gløgg, a mulled wine, is also a very popular Jul speciality however my tastebud’s haven’t gotten on board with that yet so we made a trip to the hot chocolate stall, very yummy! You can try many different Danish Christmas treats or just get normal food, the options are endless!

Garden Magic

Walking all through the gardens, there are pops of Christmas charm everywhere you look. Twinkling lights through out, “bonfires” to keep you warm & snow covered trees makes it impossible to be a Grinch. Although we were freezing, we made multiple laps around the park making sure to soak up all the holiday magic. There is just something special about the way Tivoli dresses up for the holidays that gets you in the spirit instantly.


In 2018 they are opening during the winter for the first time ever. All through February they will be providing comfort through the long, winter days & I for one can not wait to see what type of magic they create then!

Have you been to Tivoli during Christmas? What is your favorite spot in Copenhagen? Where should we go next?

Christmas in Copenhagen at Tivoli's Julemarked

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