We Are Moving!

WE ARE FINALLY MOVING! Only to the other side of Frederiksberg but it is HUGE for us!

After a year of marriage, we are finally moving into our own place. "You guys bought an apartment?!" Nope, still renting but for the first time, it is just us! "But why is that exciting then?" 

We have been in a shared apartment this whole time. We rent a room in a three bedroom apartment in Frederiksberg. The Dane has been here for about 3 or 4 years & in the year I have been here we have had 5 other roommates at any given time...all guys.


You might be thinking, "What?! How did you even manage that?!" Great questions, ones I have asked myself many, many times over the past year. Our current apartment is two stories, our room is on the first floor along with a half bath, shared kitchen, what we believe would be a dining room that we use as a living room & it's own entrance. Upstairs is two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom with a shower & a separate entrance. We only cross paths with our roommates when we go upstairs for a shower or when they come downstairs for the kitchen. It really isn't bad most of the time but we rent a room & that is all. Not only that, it is his home, not ours & in order for me to really feel like this is my life not his I am living in, our own place needed to happen. Plus we are married & do not need to have roommates in my opinion.

So why has it taken so long? We have been looking for a year & seriously looking for about 6 months. We live in a city, a capital mind you, so rent is insanely expensive & we have one income. Not only is it hard to find something in your budget, it is hard to find anything. Copenhagen currently has more people moving to it than people leaving so there is not enough room for all these people. It is expected (don't quote me but I believe this is what I have heard) that over the next five years, the amount of people moving to Copenhagen is the same that reside in one of the largest Danish cities. That is a lot of people & not a lot of new places being built to live in.

We have physically been invited to look at three apartments in the about 30-40 we have applied to view. The one we are moving into we viewed twice so I only count it as one.


Our new apartment is on the other side of Frederiksberg, an area I really wanted to stay in, and is close to multiple transportation lines. It is quiet, another plus for me, and is HUGE for us (again, we only have a room now). Our new place is 85 sq meters (about 916 sq feet), three rooms (there is no "bedrooms" count in places here, there are rooms that you use how you wish), a bathroom that is not a shit'n'shower (another must on my list, trust me it is harder to find than you think) &  on the top floor (the 4th floor Danish terms, 5th American...and a walk up). 

We saw the apartment we are moving into over the summer & it had the "bones" I loved but was in HORRIBLE shape. There was no way we could pay what they wanted & live with the kitchen & bathroom it had. It came back up to view in December & it had the words under it that gave me hope, "recently updated bathroom & kitchen." They were not joking! The walls are freshly painted, the floors were redone, the kitchen stripped & brand new and the bathroom is night & day to what we saw months ago. We immediately said we were interested & a few days after Christmas we got the gift we have been asking for, they picked us! 

I am so excited to move in. We have been packing for a few days now & have a lot more to do. We start shopping for new things, we don't have much furniture now. The only downside is we have to buy everything, like everything. Our brand new kitchen is appliance less, the wiring is ready for lights but bulbless & we need basic things that we haven't had a need for yet. They are added expenses but at the end of the day, worth it.


I can not wait to move in on the 1st of February & as soon as we are settled in I will check back & show you our new home.

Have you tried to navigate the Danish real estate market? Let me know in the comments below!

We are moving! A Story of Copenhagen Real Estate

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