To Blog or Not To Blog


Surprise! I came back to DK about a month ago for another two-month adventure and have spent that month debating whether to blog this journey or not. Last time, I was exploring Denmark a little deeper & getting to know a new side of myself. I also met the Dane within my first few days last time but kept it off the internet to build our relationship IRL. A year later, I am still with the Dane and we are making plans for the next step...Denmark full time.

So back to the blogging question. I am not really adventuring as much this time and a weekly update seems to be quite dull since my days are just normal now. We are learning to live a life together, in the same time zone, on the same continent, in the same house so that's all I really have to share with the blogosphere. That and job hunting which I feel should probably be kept off the internet other than basic struggles of international job hunting.

Again, back to the topic at anyone actually interested in hearing what I have to say this stay or should I just back off the blog until I become a full blown Expat?

Let me know!