Departure Denial

I go home a week from tomorrow and as much as that reality is starting to sink in, I am still very much in denial. Denial that I won't be here, denial that I won't wake up to kids excited to see me saying "Hej Dawa", denial that I won't get to spend nights shooting the shit with Mette and Jacob once the kids go to bed, denial that I won't be putting together hours of puzzles, denial that I won't wander this amazing city twice a week, and denial that I can't just go to the store to buy Karoline's Kitchen Red Wine sauce once the several boxes I am carrying home run out. I am trying to cram in as much in these last few days that I can but enough about the imminent future, let's revisit last week's adventures.

I don't know if I have explained the excitement of a Friday night with young kids yet... Friday is ALL about the Disney Show. Like literally our entire Friday night revolves around the 7 o'clock showing. The Disney Show is an hour long Disney cartoon marathon that has been on for decades. It starts with an old cartoon (Donald Duck, 101 Dalmatians etc.) and ends with a newer Disney show (which has been Phenias and Pherb since I have been here). We eat dinner a little earlier/let the kids have a TV picnic so they can watch the excitement. They get popcorn and candy and it is literally the talk of the house for days before. I love watching this weekly ritual and seeing how excited the kids get about it!

Saturday was all about the sissy bonding! Mette and I headed into the city in the late afternoon with a clear mission, piercings. We discussed this outing pretty much my second week here and finally we decided to stick to it (get it, stick with a needle ha!). When we got to Copenhagen Body Extreme the lovely lady at the front told us of the deal - 2 piercings 10% off, that made our lives easier since we both toyed with getting two anyway. Mette got her second and third whole on her left ear and I went with the helix and triagus on my left ear.

  After the needle sesh we decided to treat ourselves to a little Sticks'n'Sushi aka my fave place in the city as of yet. On our walk from inner city to Nørreport we passed this glass building I have seen a few times before in passing. This glass haven is a gourmet indoor farmer's market of sorts selling everything from soap to spices. We stopped at the Summerbird stand to get my favorite chocolate treat, Flødeboller :)

From there it was off to the land of sushi and sticks. I, like a dumb ass, was so excited to eat the food I have been dreaming about for 3 years that I forgot to take a picture of our amazing spread of 4 rolls and 4 different sticks (3/4 were bacon involved and one was bacon and goat cheese, I do not think I need to explain my love any further).

  I LOVED being able to spend that time with my sissy face. For 18 years now she has been a major part of my life. I have looked up to her since the day she walked in our house and we have loved her as if she is truly blood since then as well. I couldn't imagine my life without her and her family in it and I am so thankful for her allowing me to come here and experience all this. Without her I literally wouldn't be here...

Sunday morning I woke up with the insane craving for pancakes. Doesn't seem like a hard thing to find on a Sunday right? Wrong. The Danes have a different form of pancake (like a crepe) than our fluffy thick ones. After the help from the Google search "Copenhagen pancakes" we were off to the number one on the list, The Next Door Cafe (ironically next door to where I was the night before getting pierced).

  The cafe was a small little place, maybe 7 tables, and had an eclectic vibe which I loved. After ordering the pancakes of the day, blueberry, I knew I had won the international pancake fight...they would be fluffy. Fluffy and delicious!

Sunday was the first day in like a week where the sun was out and we couldn't let this weather keep us indoors. This is what I love about city life, no offense to my South Florida life, but after a Sunday morning of pancakes (which we know I am guilty of) we do a quick Target run to see what is new on sale and then head home for laundry or chores. Here we took the opportunity to wander, literally wandered through side streets taking in the weather and seeing where we ended up. I loved seeing spots I would have never usually gone to and finding myself only steps away from my favorite spot, Nyhavn.

  After my tourist moment and assisting fellow tourists in their pursuit for the perfect "selfie" we headed to a different neighborhood than my usuals, Østerbro. There is one little street, Olufsvej, that suits my obsession for doors and building pictures. is different color on this 20 house stretch of road. I was in a color filled dream and loved every minute of it!

  Next to this street was the Danish National Soccer stadium and a park. While walking through the park I noticed the CUTEST thing and had to stop to check it out. THERE WAS A MINI CITY FOR KIDS TO LEARN TO BIKE IN! I can't even explain how adorable this was! Traffic lights and signs so these city kids didn't head out onto the big streets with their two wheels without the proper knowledge of how the roads work. Biking is the main form of transportation here and they take it very seriously. I unfortunately have no pictures of this precious moment because my inner American was screaming, "we look like pedophiles not having kids in a kid park", but thankfully those thoughts don't cross the minds of the charming Danish folk. Still couldn't document it though, too weird.

Tuesday was Martin's Day which I still do not really understand what it is about but what I have taken away is it had something to do with a bishop and geese? Anyway we had a big meal with family that had some of my favorite Danish dishes. I swear, I will learn how to cook Flæskesteg (a pork roast) because I have become incredibly fond of it.

 My last week will be filled with filling my time hitting up my favorite spots, checking things off my list, packing and watching soccer (the Danish team is playing the Sweedish twice this week, big deal around here) but I wouldn't want it any other way. Until next time...